Fiberglass fence

Fiberglass fence

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Fiberglass fence


1. Light weight and high strength

2. Anti-ageing ,Wood fence is easily rotten, iron fence is rusty, and alumium fence is easy to oxidate, while fiberglass fence is the combination of resin and fiberglass, it is corrosion resistant and anti-ageing.


3. Aesthetically pleasing appearance Compared with the simplex color of wood fence, iron fence, aluminum fence, the fiberglass fence can be made in many kinds of colors and produced with different surface, the appearance is more plentiful.

4. Environment friendliness Along with the forest resource protection, the use of wood fence will be forbidden gradually, much pollution will be made during the process of producing iron fence and aluminum fence. The raw material of fiberglass and resin are abundant, and producing technique is advanced, pollution is not existed.